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2023-10-21 21:58:21

Do you know about auto parts?


What are auto parts

With the increasingly fierce competition in the auto parts processing market, the concept of environmental protection becoming more and more popular, and the continuous upgrading and application of technology, the international auto parts processing parts industry has shown the following development characteristics in recent years:

①The trend of supporting and modular supply of auto parts processing systems is in the ascendant

②Globalization of auto parts processing and procurement

③The transfer of auto parts processing industry is accelerating

There are many types of auto parts. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of cars and more and more types of cars. Cars can be divided into two types: passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Passenger cars refer to vehicles with less than nine seats (including the driver's seat) and whose main purpose is to carry passengers. Specifically, passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars, namely sedans, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickup trucks.

Commercial vehicles refer to vehicles with more than nine seats (including the driver's seat) or vehicles whose main purpose is to carry cargo. Specifically, they are divided into: passenger cars, trucks, semi-trailers, incomplete passenger cars, and incomplete cargo vehicles.

As people's living standards improve, people consume more and more cars, and the market for auto parts becomes larger and larger. Auto parts manufacturing plants have also been developing rapidly in recent years.

Learn the names of all car parts

The names of all car accessories are:

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and components, oil seal, oil pump nozzle, fuel saver, valve lifter, oil pipe, connecting rod assembly, crankshaft camshaft, bearing bush and connecting rod bush, valve and components, fuel tank, piston, Flywheel ring gear, tensioner pulley, belt, supercharger, carburetor, three-way catalytic converter, fuel injection device, starter and accessories, other starting systems and other automotive engine system accessories.

Front axle, rear axle, shock absorption system, suspension system, axle housing, half shaft, balance weight, buffer, rim, wheel hub, frame assembly, automobile tires, agricultural vehicle tires, engineering machinery tires and other walking systems and other automobiles Accessories.

Car shells, doors, car glass, car mirrors, license plate frames, seats and accessories, car bearings, armrests, handles, handles, grilles, fenders, cabs and accessories, airbags, car seat belts, glass lifters, Car antennas, wipers, car mufflers, car horns, car seals, bumpers, suitcases, luggage racks, extruded parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipes, other body accessories and other auto parts.

Tie rod assembly, tie rod, tie rod ball head, center tie rod, steering active arm, steering driven arm, steering gear dust boot, steering gear assembly, steering damper, steering power pump, steering gear gasket repair kit, Power steering oil tank, tie rod adjustment bolt, steering driven arm bushing, power steering tube, steering knuckle, steering wheel, other steering systems and other automotive accessories.

I believe that many friends who have just bought a new car will eagerly take out their mobile phones and open the dazzling page of auto accessories. Based on the recommendations of friends or based on their own long-collected posts, they place orders day and night. A single. But when you receive the express delivery and put it in your car with satisfaction, you will find that some accessories seem to be superfluous, and some even bring potential dangers. For this reason, we have summarized the accessories that have relatively high recommendation index + practicality index as well as those that just look beautiful. We hope it will be of some use to you who just bought a new car.

Three practical accessories to buy with your eyes closed:

1. Car air pump

Whether it is for temporary self-rescue when the tire pressure is low or a tire leaks, or when you go out to play to help friends, a car air pump is a very practical car accessory, and most of the current car air pumps are small in size, quick to inflate, and have a long battery life. , it is not only convenient to inflate your car, but also can be used to inflate children's bicycles, football basketballs, and even swimming rings when going out to play.

2. Driving recorder

Nowadays, many new cars have driving recorders as standard equipment, but if your car does not have one, be sure to install one as soon as possible. Especially in some unmonitored road sections, driving recorders can protect us to the greatest extent. When purchasing a driving recorder, we should focus on the following points: the video format is preferably above 1080P (the clearer, the better); it has a wide angle and good night vision; it has high stability and supports time-lapse recording - also It is often called time-lapse photography, which can save memory space.

3.Car film

I believe that friends who have used good insulation film will not think that this thing is an IQ tax. When the editor made up his mind to tear off the film given by the 4S store and put on a set of imported car films worth less than 10,000 yuan, every time summer comes, the editor will feel that the money is well spent. Of course, there are also some good domestic brands now, and you can also shop around.

Two accessories that you must bypass with your eyes wide open:

1. Prayer ornaments made of various hard materials

Whether it is the "Smiling Maitreya Buddha" or the fashionable "One Deer and Peace", it may not only bring you "blessings", but also pose serious safety risks. As long as the original car does not come with the factory and appears in front of the driver and passengers, the editor recommends that you try your best to put away all the accessories.

2. Seat belt buckle

The editor also doesn’t know why such products can still appear openly on major shopping platforms. Although we searched for seat belt buckles on Moubao and Dongdong, there were no results, but if you search for safety insert belts, you can Saw them. This kind of buckle is not only easy to damage the seat belt holder, but more importantly, it is unsafe. The seat belt is not only responsible for yourself, but also for your family and friends, so we must use this kind of back-facing safety accessory. Keep a respectful distance.

Finally, there are some accessories that are recommended for everyone to buy: such as adhesive remover, which is very effective in removing shellac after running on the highway, but when using it, you must also avoid corrosion of plastic parts; and door anti-collision strips, door openings, etc. Warning stickers, umbrella storage buckets, folding storage boxes, etc., these not only facilitate our daily use of cars, but most importantly, improve our safety. What else do you have to add? You can share it in the comment area.

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